Our Cars

Our CarsYou’ll learn to drive in a brand new Golf 1.6 TDI BlueMotion. It’s easy to drive with all the very latest facilities, including Stop/Start, Rain Sensor, Daytime Running Lights, air conditioning, power steering and ABS braking. It’s also environmentally friendly (important in a busy City like London) and is Volkswagen’s most fuel efficient Golf, with low CO2 emissions.


Start/Stop Technology. Automatically switches off your engine. Whenever you stop. Which saves you fuel. And Money. Available across the range.

Driving in towns involves a lot of stopping and starting, waiting in queues or at traffic lights. And while your engine is ticking over, it’s using fuel. Our efficient Start/Stop technology stops this waste, cutting CO2 emissions and saving fuel.

The Start/Stop system means your car can virtually stop its engine by itself. It works through the clutch, so when you come to a standstill, you just select neutral gear (on manual versions), release the clutch and the engine switches off with a Start/Stop symbol appearing on the dashboard. When you want to move off again you simply dip the clutch, the engine restarts and you can select first gear and pull away. On DSG dual clutch automatic versions it is even simpler; the Start/Stop system switches the engine off once you have stopped and your foot is on the brake pedal. The system can easily be deactivated, if you wish, by a switch within easy reach.

Rain Sensor

Many times during the test candidates are forgetting to turn on their windscreen wipers as they are trying to concentrate on what is happening on the road ahead, with our cars at Hampstead Driving School the rain sensor automatically regulates the frequency of your windscreen wiper according to how heavily it is raining. And you don’t even have to worry about reversing. When the sensor is on and you select reverse gear, the rear wipers will automatically wipe away any rain.

Daytime Running Lights

At Hampstead driving school our cars are equipped with Daytime Running Lights which offer extra safety. Fifty per cent of all daytime accidents at junctions are caused by drivers not seeing other road users in time. For extra driver convenience, in the case of our daytime running lights the dipped-beam headlights are automatically switched on when you start your car.

Based on low CO2 emissions, our cars are tax free and exempt from Congestion Charge.
As a new driver you will be surprised to know that our cars have a cruise control. After you pass the driving test we can try this facility on the Motorway lessons or the Pass Plus course which is recommended by DSA.