Lum is an incredibly helpful and patient teacher.

I was hopelessly caught up in old (left side of the road) driving habits, Lum’s clear explanations and memorable tips & tricks enabled me to get comfortable with driving in London, and pass the test at first attempt. You can’t ask for a better instructor. Thank you Lum!
Viktoria – Hampstead – December 2018.

I would 100% recommend Lum to everyone who is learning to drive.

I had struggled with driving since I first started when I was 23. I was incredibly anxious and it just never really worked for me. When I moved back to London I knew I needed to pass my test and get on with the next chapter of my life and I found Hampstead driving school. Right from the beginning, Lum was supportive and patient. He listened to me and my personal worries about driving and knew exactly how to incorporate them into the lessons so I could get over them and become more confident. And this was no easy task considering just how nervous and pessimistic I was. Lum showed me that yes I can drive and that I would pass the test I had been worried about. This has been a great experience with a great teacher. I would 100% recommend Lum to everyone who is learning to drive. His lessons were never dull and always managed to reassure me. I was once a bag of nerves when it came to driving but now I can say that I have gotten over it, thanks to Lum. Thank you so much, it has been a real pleasure to have you as my instructor.
Sophie Cussans – Belsize Park, October 2018

I can highly recommend Lum to all my friends and acquaintances

I would like to express my gratitude to Lum for his brilliant training and proffesionalism , which helped me to significantly improve my driving skills and feel more confident in driving. During our training period he proved to be a very responsible, experienced, punctual, calm and patient person. In addition, I am grateful to him for his support and for the right approach in training, which allowed me to pass the driving test with the first attempt. Undoubtedly, now I can highly recommend Lum to all my friends and acquaintances as the best teacher and very friendly instructor. Thank you very much. Wish luck to all his students.
Elena from Hampstead, June 2018

would like to warmly recommend of Lum Mjeku from Hampstead Driving School as a driving instructor.

He taught my husbands and me, and we both passed at the first test!
Beyond being professional and explaining everything you need to know for the test, Lum was also very pleasant, nice and punctual!
Rotem from Hampstead, June 2018

I highly recommend Lum as a driving instructor!

I passed very quickly and first time but most importantly I now feel I can drive safely and confidently on the road. My driving lessons with Lum have been extremely professional and enjoyable and he has always been very reliable and punctual. Finally, his relaxed and patient manner of teaching made learning – which can certainly be a daunting experience for a new driver – completely stress-free.
Louisa – Hampstead – March 2018.

Lum is a great driving instructor

He gives you good, clear and concise instruction. He guided me to a first time pass in an automatic and he offers a great service from worksheets explaining situations to test-day psychological instruction to keep you in the right positive frame of mind. He makes you feel at ease at the wheel, and will also help out with booking tests (he urgently let me know there was a test slot open shortly after the test centre had cancelled my original date). I would highly recommend him to friends and others.
Scott – Hampstead – February 2018.

I passed my test on the first try!

I came to Lum having never sat behind the wheel of a car. With his help I passed my test on the first try! Lum is very thorough, patient, helpful, informative, and not to mention a lot of fun to learn with! Our two hour lessons all took place in the test area, so the roads became familiar and during my test I could concentrate on driving well. He also holds you to a high standard in the car, so you develop good habits that become second nature. I can absolutely recommend Lum as an excellent instructor – thanks Lum!
Benjamin Durrant – West Hampstead – January 2018.

I will always be grateful to Lum for his help and would recommend him to any learner driver.

I attended driving lessons with Lum because I was 30 and desperate to drive. I had previously tried to learn by doing an intensive course with a horrible instructor that had left me afraid of getting behind the wheel. I found Lum through excellent reviews and those could not have been more accurate. My lessons became a pleasure rather than a stress and suddenly driving became easy. After a number of lessons, I still wasn’t sure I was good enough for the test. Lum was confident on my behalf and he turned out to be completely right. I passed first time with only 3 minors! I will always be grateful to Lum for his help and would recommend him to any learner driver.
I mean everything I say there – you really were fantastic and I am really very grateful
Dr Giovanna – Hampstead – November 2017.

Passed on the first try, couldn’t recommend Lum enough

Lum is a very experienced and resourceful instructor, providing professional and customised service. He is friendly and attentive teacher, giving constant constructive feedback. I have had my Brazilian licence for 19 years, but being in the UK for 10 years without driving made me very nervous behind wheels to start with. Having a newborn baby meant I could not waste time or money, so my 6 lessons were a great investment as I didn’t need to ‘’waste time’’ with unexperienced instructors or meaningless lessons. With only 6 lessons Lum helped build up my confidence and pass the test first time round. I gave him my timeline, he planned his schema around it and gradually showed me different manoeuvres and other things I could have been asked at the test. I was able to practice as much as I felt I nail them. Lum sends handouts after each lesson which is very helpful. He also advised me on which test centre and time would be best, he accommodated extra days (even on a Bank Holiday!) and took me to have the lessons in the area where the test was taken. As a result, on the day, I was familiar with the routes which helped to focus on driving safely. Without him I don’t think I would have achieved it in such a short period of time.
FB – Hampstead August 2017.

With his help I have passed on my first test!

Lum is a great instructor and learning to drive with him went very smoothly. He is patient, has great communication and is also very reliable and punctual. With his help I have passed on my first test! I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to pass their driving test in the Hampstead area.”
Yaara – Hampstead – Belsize Park 2017.

I passed my test first time

Lum is an excellent instructor. I passed my test first time and it was most certainly thanks to him. He holds himself to a very high standard when it comes to teaching you to drive and his knowledge about the test itself is faultless.
Charles Echlin – Primrose Hill – February, 2017.

I couldn’t recommend Lum and Hampstead Driving School highly enough.

I have had my American licence for 13 years and after living in the UK for nearly five years, decided it was finally time to get my UK licence. Driving on the other side of the road can be a bit daunting at first, but Lum was very patient and helped build up my confidence. He’s also easy going and fun to chat with which helps to make the two hours in the car go by quickly! With Lum’s help, I passed my theory and practical test both on the first try.”
Lizzie – Belsize Park – February 2017.

Pass on the first try

Lum is a thorough instructor who teaches exactly what’s on the test. I had an American license and wanted to get a British one. With his help I was able to pass on the first try. Thanks Lum!
Zeb Kurt-Nelson – Hampstead – November 2016.

Lum has been an excellent driving instructor.

Lum is very professional and keeps a high standard of training throughout. He provides the students with constant, constructive feedback and follows up with frequent emails that help clarify technical points. He helps build confidence and makes sure that the students not only pass the exam but also become good all-round drivers. Lum is a a very pleasant person with a good sense of humour. So the driving sessions are always enjoyable, yet very intense. It has been a great pleasure to learn under Lum’s expert guidance. Without his support I don’t think I could have passed the driving exam in the first go. I would strongly recommend Lum to all learner-drivers.
Ahmet Akarli – Hampstead – August 2016.

Lum is an amazing instructor and i couldn’t recommend him enough !!

reassuring and very professional. All his lessons are very well organised and very enjoyable. Lum knows all the best tips to boost your confidence and assure you to pass first time. It was such a pleasure to drive with Lum and i couldn’t thank him enough.
Estelle Alexandre – Swiss Cottage – April 2016.

Lum is extremely professional and always punctual

Having failed twice previously with other instructors, I didn’t have much confidence when I started taking lessons with Lum. However, his rigourous approach helped me learn to control the car safely and confidently in a short space of time. When I came to take the test I was extremely well prepared and am now confident in my driving ability. Lum is extremely professional and always punctual, so I highly recommend him
Alex – Hampstead – April 2016.

Lum is a top-notch, class act, fantastic driving instructor!

I have only the best things to say about him. He is a first-rate instructor who knows the rules of the road inside and out, along with the best and most efficient way to teach them. He is organized, always on time, kind, and has a great sense of humor. You will pass your test under Lum’s guidance, but most importantly you will be a safer driver upon completing his course. He has his complete heart in his work, and is also nice company while you are learning. We had many great laughs and conversations, and I passed my test with a near-perfect score. Without reservation, I give him my very highest recommendation.
Eliza Ketchum – Hampstead – February 2016.

I found the lessons to be informative and structured

I have had a valid driver licence for 20 years but lost my nerve when it came to driving in busy London. A few refresher lessons with Lum was all that I needed, to get my confidence back, and start driving again. I found the lessons to be informative, structured and well tailored to my specific needs.
Ulrica – Belsize Park – February 2016.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Hampstead Driving School.

Lum has a very well structured, patient and enjoyable method of teaching, focused on making a good driver, as well as everything needed to pass the test. Lum was very accommodating in the test arrangements, whether this was advice, experience on the test routes or timings on the day. I passed in 14 lessons, without any significant prior driving, and really enjoyed my lessons. Thank you Lum.
Mansur – West Hampstead – January 2016.

Thank you, Lum, for helping me pass the test so quickly and easily!

When I first came to Lum, although I was already an experienced driver from the US, I didn’t have much time to prepare for my scheduled UK test date. Lum was immediately very accommodating with fitting in as many lessons as possible around my work and travel schedule. In our first few lessons, I was very nervous about the narrowness of UK roads, reading UK road signs quickly, and driving on the left hand side, but he quickly made me comfortable, brought my attention to bad driving habits I’d developed over the years and helped me to rapidly become a stronger and safer driver. He was punctual, very thorough in his lessons, and brought my driving quality up to a high standard. I think you would be hard pressed to find another instructor as excellent as Lum. I fully recommend him for both beginner drivers or even those just looking to gain more confidence on the road and improve their driving quality. Thank you, Lum, for helping me pass the test so quickly and easily!”
Parsha Hobbs – Belsize Park – November 2015.

I would highly recommend the Hampstead Driving School

Lum’s approach to teaching is thorough and highly professional. When I began my lessons with Lum I was very nervous of driving and lacked confidence on the road. His method of teaching instilled in me a comprehensive knowledge of driving as well as allowing me to build up my confidence as a driver. I felt extremely well prepared for my test and passed at first attempt.
I would highly recommend the Hampstead Driving School for anyone who wants to learn to drive in a methodical and systematic way whilst also being an extremely supportive and encouraging environment.
Sarra – Hampstead – November 2015.

Pass in just 12 lessons

I have absolutely no qualms in suggesting you to use Lum as your driving instructor. Although I needed to pass quickly, I did not expect to pass in just 12 lessons. Lum has a calming teaching method which allows one to grow in confidence and ability quickly. The car you use is also excellent and the lessons enjoyable.
Rory McMeikan – Hampstead – October 2015.

Lum was always on time, calm, very friendly

When I first started looking for a driving instructor, I spent a long time researching on the Internet. After some bad driving lesson experience when I was 18, I really wanted to make sure I find someone professional, friendly and patient. I found Lum through this very website, and after meeting him for a first lesson I was very glad that I spent the time looking! Lum was always on time, calm, very friendly and really took the time to make sure I understood what I was doing. I was admittedly a bit of a slow leaner when it comes to driving but I never felt rushed. His method really worked and I passed despite my nervousness!
Yumi – Hampstead – September 2015.

Lum: professional, modest and caring.

I would highly recommend Lum and Hampstead Driving School!

Having felt absolutely disheartened by my previous driving instructor – as well as several failed attempts to pass the practical test – Lum came at just the right time. He listened carefully to my past experiences, worries and insecurities, before slowly and meticulously guiding and supporting me in working through them, ultimately enabling me to pass the test in September 2015.

Lum is a very passionate, experienced and patient driving instructor, and a teacher who really cares about his students. He will not only teach you how to drive and pass the test but also how to feel confident and enjoy the whole driving experience. Lum is always keen to get to know you as a person and put you at ease with a good conversation about culture, history and politics.

I cannot recommend Lum and Hampstead Driving School enough.

A very BIG thank you once again!!!
Lilli Trautvetter – West Hampstead – September 2015.

I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

Lum was a calm and inspiring instructor, and he made our lessons something that I really looked forward to. He helped me pass both my theory and my practical tests on first attempts (and in less than 2 months all together).
He knows the test routes and centres, his lessons are well organised, he quickly recognises strengths and weaknesses, and he obviously strives to build strong, confident drivers for the long term (not just the test!).
I would unquestionably recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn or improve.
Kirsty Hannah – Hampstead – September 2015.

The best instructor I could have asked for!

I had my first lesson on my 17th birthday as I was eager to get my license and passed first try within a month and a half; I couldn’t have asked for a more a professional and friendly instructor to give me the help I needed to pass my test. Thanks again!
Jack Fox – Kentish Town – June 2015.

Thanks to Lum I passed on the first try!

I’m an experienced driver from a different country, and I had to un-learn many of my habits in order to learn the British driving standards. Lum has a calm and patient teaching style that gave me the knowledge and the confidence that I needed to pass the test. Thank you, Lum!
Dylan Curley – West Hampstead – June 2015.

I will not hesitate recommending him to anyone.

10 years(!) after failing my driving test as a teenager; I returned to the wheel lacking in confidence – but it only took one lesson with Lum to set aside apprehensions of the past, and to believe that passing was not only possible, but something I could achieve soon under his tutelage. Last week I passed on my first attempt since I started learning again this year.
Lum is prompt, professional, patient and good company on the road. His lessons are well prepared and his dedication, and determination to get me my licence was ever-present. He provided not only a practical education, but a theoretical one and even a psychological one in the lead up to the big day itself.
Greg Barnes – Belsize Park – May 2015.

Dear future driver

Lum has been amazing. I was able to pass my practical driving test (and theory test) on the first try. He is patient and makes you feel at ease. I was never afraid to ask any questions. He explains what you are going to learn in the lesson before actually doing it so that you do not get overwhelmed on the road. It is very important to feel relaxed and he managed to make the experience fun rather than stressful. I definitely would recommend him.
Lea Zleter – Parliament Hill Fields – April 2015.


I came to Lum through a friend’s recommendation and after I had failed the practical test a couple of times. I started lessons with Lum thinking it would take me quite some time to overcome the frustration and self-doubt resulting from these previous failed attempts, and to feel that I’m ready to book another test. However, after a number of impressively well-organized lessons with Lum I not only passed my test but did so confidently.
I found Lum’s teaching approach to be friendly and professional and that it fully accommodated my learning abilities. He helped me to effectively address all of my driving related issues while at the same time making me feel at ease and comfortable. I would strongly recommend Lum’s services to anybody who wants to learn to drive!
Thank you, Lum for being such a great instructor and for making me believe in myself! Ive – Hampstead– February 2015.

Lum were very professional

I just want to say thank you for all your help and guidance during my license studies.
You were very professional during this time and guided me to an easy success on my first practical test.
Lessons were in a relaxed environment and coming to the day of the test I was aware of all the maneuvers required of me at the test.
With this help I got my permit less than a month from my first lesson.
I will recommend all my friend to contact you when learning to drive.
Adam Rozenberg – Belsize Park – January 2015.

I am now a very confident driver and that is all thanks to Lum

I looked around for a long time before deciding on a driving instructor. After reading the consistently good testimonials on Lum’s website, I decided I would go with him. I was not disappointed. He is so incredibly thorough. You often hear that “lessons are to prepare you for your test not to teach you how to drive”. Well I am now a very confident driver and that is all thanks to Lum. He is calm, and very clear, and creates an environment where it is ok to make mistakes (how else can you learn?!). He is a great guy too, very easy to get along with, and genuinely passionate about wanting you to be the best driver you can be. The biggest compliment I can pay him is that on the day of my test I was really (quite surprisingly) calm and dare I say it, quietly convinced that I would pass! I did. first time! Every manoeuvre they asked me to carry out I had done, every street we drove down I knew from the lessons. I am currently in US and having no problem with the driving here – a testament to Lum’s teaching. You will not find a better teacher, or bloke for that matter. Andy Sykes – Belsize Park – November 2014.

Lum was prompt and friendly

I almost didn’t use Lum for my driving training because it was so hard to get an appointment in his seemingly always busy schedule, but I am very glad I persisted. Lum was prompt and friendly, provided frank feedback and was flexible enough to adjust to my particular needs. He had a laser focus on reinforcing the skills required to pass the test. He knows the highway code cold, and ensures you spend most of your practice time driving actual routes used by the examiners. Less than 40% of 1st time, UK test takers pass the practical test, but Lum’s students perform about twice as well. His instruction both enabled me to pass the test on my first attempt and more importantly, made me a better, safer driver. Ian M – Hampstead – November 2014.

With Lum you will learn to pass your driving test

Two months after passing my exam I went on holiday to the USA, where a friend offered to lend me his V8 pickup truck. At first I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea, but as soon as I got in to do a bit of test driving in the (quiet) neighbourhood, I realised how well I understood how to operate the car. Even with the steering wheel on the left, driving on the right-hand side of the road in a massive-engined 15 year old pickup with manual transmission I felt confident and safe. This was not beginner’s overconfidence – even my passengers complimented me on my driving style and felt secure. It has to be said: with Lum you will learn to pass your driving test AND you will also learn to drive. Olivier – Camden

I highly recommend getting driving lessons with Lum. I passed my test

I passed my test on the first attempt and this is inline with Lum’s pass percentage. Lum is extremely professional, very knowledgeable, thorough and flexible. I am an experienced driver so Lum tailored the lessons to focus on only what I needed to know to pass the test. His approach is effective and detailed-oriented, I have to say that I did pick up quite a few tips and good habits despite driving in various countries for the last 20 years. His car is clean and in great condition and the lessons prepare you very well for the actual test. Ashish – Maida Vale

Passed first time with Lum

Having tried out two other instructors I settled for Lum and passed first time under his tutelage.

Lum is very polite, intelligent and reliable. He knows the routes, demonstrates a keen understanding of his students’ strength and weakness, and he tailors his lessons according.

If you are looking for someone who is experienced, perseverant and calm then I can not speak highly of the man enough.

Lum, thanks for what was a very useful experience. Junaid – Belsize Park– October 2014.

I feel lucky I had Lum as my instructor

Bit of a background of myself; I had obtained driver’s license in Japan more than 10 years ago, but had not been driving after that. Moving to UK, I became in need of refresher lessons in order to rebuild the driving skill itself and to well understand the driving rules in this country.

Start taking Lum’s lessons, soon you will find the lessons are very well organised. He makes points clear and logical, hence you would not get frustrated by confusion. You will be fascinated by his iPad learning materials. They will visually help your understanding of the different use cases you will encounter in your everyday driving life. His PDF handouts are also helpful for preparation and review.

You will not only find the technical efficiency and effectiveness of the lessons, but will also enjoy the lessons. Lum is warm, patient, and has brilliant sense of humour. You can feel his passion to help make his students a safe and confident driver.

Through Lum’s lessons, I learned many tips to become comfortable in driving, especially in the London traffic condition. I could not thank Lum more. Mami – South Hampstead– October 2014.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lum

I booked a 2 hour refresher course with Lum and it was just what I needed. Lum’s manner made me feel immediately comfortable in the car and he gave me some superb tips for the road. He also provided an honest assessment of my driving and had no interest in making me sign up to a block of lessons if it wasn’t necessary (which isn’t the case with some other driving schools). I would have no hesitation in recommending Lum to anyone else wanting to learn how to drive or wanting to brush up on their skills. Manish – Camden– July 2014.

Lum is a fantastic instructor

I was nervous and under confident when I first started driving and had put off learning for 10 years. Lum was patient and gave clear instructions and made me feel very relaxed. My confidence grew and I ended up passing my test first time. I never thought I would pass, let alone first time! Lum challenges you when you need it and is supportive, he provides useful pdf’s which you can go through in your own time after the lesson. I found these really useful. I can’t recommend Lum enough I feel very lucky to have learnt to be a confident and safe driver with his tuition. Gemma – West Hampstead– June 2014.

Lum helped me prepare for the UK practical driving exam in just 2 lessons!

I’ve had an American driving license for 18 years and was able to drive for a year in the UK before having to take the test. The best advice I can offer is that you need a 3rd party to give you lessons – don’t rely on your partner or family member as it’s quite difficult for them to teach the way a professional would and it’s easy for you both to get frustrated! Nicole – Belsize Park– June 2014.

Lum’s support and encouragement helped me pass my driving test first time

He was very thorough with his training and took notes after each lesson so he knew exactly what to work on in the next lesson. He is very good at pinpointing weaknesses and working to turn them into strengths, which is the one thing I liked most of all. Lum doesn’t just want you to pass the test but he wants to instil confidence and safety in your driving. I want to thank him for pushing me to book the test and believing that I could pass it. Kim – Belsize Park– June 2014.

Highly recommended!

Having been recommended lessons with Lum I was not disappointed. The lessons are straight forward and develop your skills quickly and logically. I particularly liked the fact that we got driving and changing through all the gears early on, which for a London learner is a great thing. Lum encouraged me to book in the relevant tests asap and we worked towards my practical test date. I passed my test first time, what more can you really ask for? Lum is a much sought after instructor and with a result like I had you can see why – Highly recommended! Richard – Hampstead– June 2014.

I’m so glad that I had chance to have Lum as my instructor.

I had my non-UK driving license six years before I applied for UK one. However, what I learned from Lum it seemed that I am doing the driving lessons from the initial stages. He taught me very useful and easier driving maneuvers which I was surprised how easy and effective driving can be. Additionally, Lum helped me to become very confident and safe driver, from which now on I don’t mind driving in long journeys or parking in challenging places. Since I finished my lessons with Lum, I strongly recommend him to all my family and friends. Flaka – Belsize Park– May 2014.

I will be a better driver forever

I’m so happy that I found Lum because I was able to pass the practical driving test on the first try! Lum is a lovely teacher and I highly recommend his lessons to everyone. His teaching style is calm, patient and encouraging. He puts you at ease right away which is a great place to be for learning. He gives you all the information you need to easily pass the test, and helps you to strengthen your driving skills as well. Personally, the lessons gave me a great deal of knowledge and confidence that I just wouldn’t have had otherwise, and I feel like I will be a better driver forever. Thanks Lum! Valery – Belsize Park– May 2014.

I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

By background, I’ve held an Israeli license for 20 years – but needed to pass a practical test to convert to a UK one. I was introduced to Lum by an Israeli friend who mentioned he had a great teacher who helped him pass his practical driving test on the first try. Having now passed my test on the first try as well, I agree with his endorsement: Lum is an excellent teacher. He’s very quick to figure out what you know and what needs improvement and his tips made all the difference between passing and failing the test. Regardless of the test, he also helped me gain a better understanding of the road, which I’m sure will make me a safer driver. Finally, he’s patient, and a pleasant and interesting guy to spend time with driving around. Oren – Hampstead– March 2014.

Lum is the best driving instructor out there.

He’s very thoughtful and calm, smart and insightful in explaining what you are doing. He also constantly comments on what you should or should not be doing to help you build the right driving habits. The lessons are fun and informative, and he prepares you well for the driving test (i.e. what to look out for), and I passed on my first try! I am very happy that I chose Lum as my instructor, and I strongly recommend Lum to anyone who is learning to drive! Steve – Hampstead– February 2014.

Lum is someone you respect immediately

Apparently finding a top level driving instructor can be frustrating, it’s as if people have to search for the right one. Luckily, my employers recommended Lum! I needed to attain my UK driving license and although I had driven on and off abroad, driving in and around London was going to be quite a different story. Roundabouts threatened to give me nightmares.

Lum is someone you respect immediately, he understands the learning process and allows you to see driving as a life skill, in which you should always be acquiring new knowledge. It is also an amazing feeling to pass your driving test first time, it does feel like a real accomplishment.

Using several different techniques to teach me, Lum followed up lessons by emailing me useful handouts which were directly related to what we had done and spoken about during the lesson. ipad demonstrations, which were really of some use when I couldn’t get a clear idea of the many things going on around the car. This enabled me to go home and continue what I had learnt in the lesson that day, if I had time. Really helpful, I think it made the process a lot faster too.

Through my lessons and experience with Lum, I have learnt to drive safely, defensively and with care and consideration. I have overcome the dreaded roundabouts! And I’ve enjoyed the whole process.

I know that I’ve had a consistently friendly and attentive teacher, who has given me every chance to succeed. I can not recommend Lum enough. There would have been no way that I could have passed my test without him.

Thank you Lum!

Camille – Hampstead– February 2014.

Thank you, Lum

I came to Lum for help as an experienced driver with USA license. I needed his guidance on helping me understand rules and regulations for driving in the UK. He went beyond the call of duty of just teaching for the test. Lum helped me break years of bad driving habits and create new ones that not only helped me pass the test but will definitely be of use in the future. Lum was extremely patient, but stern where necessary (when I broke red light), he had plenty of tips to help me get used to driving on the left side. His teaching was not merely to give direction but also explain reasons behind each suggestion. At the end, I passed the test with only 2 faults, and there is no way I would’ve been able to do that without Lum’s guidance. Zivile – Kentish Town– February 2014.

I was able to pass my driving test first time.

Lum, Thanks to your friendly, informative and patient driving instruction I was able to pass my driving test first time. I enjoyed the lessons and came away much the wiser. Shannon – Belsize Park– January 2014.

Passed first time!

Lum was a great instructor, very helpful and with a great attention to detail. I thoroughly enjoyed his company while learning and passed first time!
I would recommend Lum to all in a heartbeat! Alex – West Hampstead– November 2013.

Lum is a rare find

He is an instructor who genuinely wants you to not only succeed in your driving test but also see that you come out of his training a better, safer driver. I passed my test with ease with minimal yet required lessons from Lum, whose dual focus on both test preparation and better driving skills, paid off. Aditya Bhagat – St John’s Wood– September 2013.

Learning to drive with Lum was an absolute pleasure

He is reliable, honest, clear, smart and you will learn to drive no matter what your previous experiences have been or what psychological blocks you may have!
Not only will you acquire excellent driving skills, but through your chats with him you will undoubtedly learn a whole bunch of other life knowledge! I highly recommend the whole experience. Livia Paggi – West Hampstead– September 2013.

Lum is a great instructor

Thanks to Lum, I have passed my test a couple of days ago! Having a few lessons previously with another instructor, I thought it would take me a long time to learn and pass the test. Even after 10 hours of driving, I felt as frustrated and lacking confidence as in the very beginning. Then I decided that before I would stop believing in myself completely, I should probably try with another instructor, After searching the internet, I found Hampstead School of Driving and decided to give it a go. I have not regretted it for once! Lum is a great instructor, calm, but not indifferent, able to give simple and clear explanations as well as letting you think with your own head. He was much more flexible with lessons schedule than most of the bigger schools, and more interested in you improving your driving skills, passing the test successfully and driving safely afterwards, rather then just doing his job. And he has a good sense of humor, which is definitely a plus! I think we got along really well, and after two-three lessons I was not confused on the road as before and finally got confidence in my driving capability. What is more, I was actually enjoying it! Katya – West Hampstead– September 2013.

A great investment!

Having recently moved to London and identified an urgent need to improve my parallel parking abilities, I was fortunate to arrange revision lessons with Lum. He was an excellent instructor, calm, good-humoured and patient, and, crucially, able to impart the necessary skills swiftly and clearly. The lessons were enjoyable and I emerged with greatly increased confidence in my ability to handle London driving conditions. Ellie – Belsize Park– September 2013.

Helping you to not only pass but drive safely

Having been a driver for several years abroad, I developed many bad habits which I was worried would make it difficult for me to pass the practical on the first occasion. Despite having only a few weeks to practice prior to the test date, Lum identified my weaknesses within the first hour of our first lesson and built a regime around that to help develop my skill set and confidence. The focused lesson plan was strict but was exactly what I needed to help condition me into driving safely while developing the tools that the DVLA examiners test. As a result, of Lum’s program, I was able to pass the test on the first try, despite giving him short notice. I would recommend Lum for all types of drivers whether experienced or not, as his experience and teaching methodology are very effective- helping you to not only pass but drive safely. KS – Hampstead– August 2013.

Don’t Hesitate!

Lum is just the Best. He is always attentive and provide great tips and solutions to any driving challenge. His explanations are very clear and in a calm way. I admire how much he cares for his students and wants them not only to pass the test but also to be good drivers. And lastly, he is such an intelligent and interesting person to talk to.
Don’t hesitate about Lum, he is in a league of his own! Chemi – Maida Vale – August 2013.

Book your lessons immediately you won’t regret it!

I recently passed my driving test thanks to Lum. If you need a GREAT driving teacher look no further. His teaching methods are clear and once you learn them you will never, ever make a mistake parking, 3 point turn. He is calm and knows everything one needs to know about driving and tests. Nasim – Hampstead– June 2013.

I can never recommend Lum enough and any student is lucky to have him as his/her teacher

I started learning to drive with a tutor in my area and it didn’t go well. I was not progressing and started to doubt my driving skills. My friend recommended I try driving with Lum.
From my first lesson with him, I felt totally confident and in good hands. He knew exactly what to do to help me progress. I always felt that we were working as a team towards my achieving to pass my driving test.
Lum is an excellent instructor, really patient, calm and attentive. One of the best points with Lum is that he teaches from monday to sunday and is very flexible, which has been perfect for me being self employed. I passed my driving test at first time and this is thanks to Lum, his lessons and his precious advice by email.
He is not teaching only to get a license but as well to become a good and confident driver. On the big day, I was really stressed but his calmness and positivity helped me pass my test feeling relaxed and confident.
I can never recommend Lum enough and any student is lucky to have him as his/her teacher.” Annelaure Pothin – Islington– April 2013.

Learning to drive with Lum was a real joy.

His calm and patient demeanor meant that I enjoyed every lesson and felt relaxed and in-control at all times. Lum’s teaching method is brilliant. The combination of using an iPad to clearly explain any new techniques or manouevres, emailing handouts after every lesson, and spending time getting to know the test routes meant that I was well prepared for my test and passed first time. Above all, Lum doesn’t want you to simply pass your driving test, but to be a safe and confident driver. I’ve told all my friends that if they want to learn to drive, they have to learn with Lum!= Thea Prosser – Hampstead– April 2013.

I really can’t recommend him highly enough

I recently passed my driving test and with only 2 minor faults and a huge reason for my success was the guidance that I had from Lum. He’s a very professional, meticulous and patient instructor but he’s also someone who makes you feel very relaxed and confident whilst driving. The car itself was a dream to drive in and the support materials fantastic (iPads, pdfs etc), I really can’t recommend him highly enough – on top of everything he’s also a really good person. Thank you Lum!” SC – Hampstead– February 2013.

I just passed my test with Lum!

His teaching methods are peerless, with clear concise directions supported by iPad demonstrations, emailed handouts after each lesson and comprehensive knowledge of the test routes learning was reinforced and remembered long after the lesson. He tailors his (very thorough) driving course to your ability and needs, ensuring that during each lesson something new is covered, something old practised and at the end makes notes evaluating progress and things to work on to be referred to at the next drive.

I had had some lessons with family and friends several years ago but decided I needed to do it properly. A friend recommended Lum and I am so glad she did. I was unbelievably nervous driving on London streets but with a combination of patience, supportiveness and just the right amount of forcefulness Lum helped me to overcome this and I now drive confidently and safely. Book your lessons immediately you won’t regret it! . Amy Leonard – West Hampstead– January 2013.

Lum is a class apart

My wife had horrible experiences with a couple of driving instructors and failed a few tests before she found Lum. And then she passed. Naturally, I opted for Lum as well and I am happy to say that now I am a proud owner of a driving license as well :). Lum really knows how to teach the art of driving. He aims to make you a better and safer driver: passing the exam is just a by-product of this exercise. If he is your first instructor, you can rest assured that you will learn good driving and pass in time, hence saving a lot of time, energy, and money. Will be happy to recommend him without any second thoughts. Saveen Kumar – High Barnet– December 2012.

who gets Lum as their instructor is extremely lucky

I have been a stop and start learner driver for the last five years, for some reason or another I would always find an excuse to stop lessons, before I met Lum I had been to two separate driving instructors, always finding cause to end lessons, I had done the same thing with Lum on the excuse that I wanted to take my theory test before carrying on with any further lessons, when I passed the theory test and eventually called Lum to resume lessons he straight away advised me to book in my driving test for two months time. With a target in mind I restarted lessons, having had previous experience with me Lum identified my lack of confidence as i kept wanting to delay the driving test. Lum is unique in my experience of driving instructors in that there are no hidden agendas, his sole aim is to ensure you are a safe and competent driver who is capable of passing first time with the least amount of lessons as possible. From my (very long) learning experience his teaching approach is second to none, reinforcing arrears of weakness through ipad simulations and actual constant repeat in arrears of uncertainty ,there is also an optional choice of drive active online tutorials which I found really useful, despite my numerous (sometimes silly) driving errors he has always remained calm and professional (a skill my two previous instructors lacked), besides his excellent driving instructor approach, through his calm and always polite manners he gave me the belief and confidence to realise I was capable of passing after many years of doubt, I passed first time. I entirely attribute this to Lums calm and professional teaching approach and I would wholeheartedly like to thank Lum from the bottom of my heart in helping me to achieve something that at times seemed a distant dream. I would highly recommend Lum and would even go as far as to say anyone who gets Lum as their instructor is extremely lucky. Aanand – Hampstead– November 2012.

Lum is a fantastic teacher

Patient, calm and understanding he works at your pace and tailors the lessons to target problem areas without making the situation stressful. His handouts, notes and ipad demonstrations are brilliant in providing clarity and helping understand different and difficult road situations. His focus is not just to get a pass rate but to make you into a confident, safe driver who has the ability to handle any situation on the road. To top it all he’s pleasant, polite, good company and ALWAYS has candy to offer! Highly recommended. Maryam – St. John’s Wood– November 2012.

Learning to drive with Lum was great

he has an excellent way of explaining things very simply and provides lots of helpful slides and other materials to back this up. He pushes you to develop your awareness and confidence quickly offering constructive feedback on manoeuvres and general driving as you go. I thoroughly recommend learning with Lum to anyone. James – Belsize Park– October 2012.

He’s not too strict to scare you from driving and he’s not too relaxed

Me, my brother and my friend all switched from other driving instructors to Lum as he had a good reputation. He’s not too strict to scare you from driving and he’s not too relaxed, so he keeps you focused. He really wants his students, not only to pass the test, but also wants them to actually learn how to drive and learn the rules of road when they start to drive independently. Ahsin – Maida Vale– September 2012.

Lum is incredibly professional in every sense of the word. He cares about YOU the individual and YOUR success.

I contacted Lum via email to enquire about starting lessons with him after failing my test eight years ago. Only a couple of hours later we had arranged the first lesson. He’s prompt response was not a one off; every time I had a question or query he supported me almost immediately outside of my lessons. During lessons he also supported me and challenged me A LOT, tailoring each lesson to my specific needs. Lum challenged me not only in my driving but in my learning techniques. He encouraged me to reflect on my learning and progress by asking me questions. He packed my lessons fully with different aspects of driving which I needed to experience and practice. Occasionally, he made me even more responsible for my learning by asking me what I wanted to focus on. This allowed me to develop quickly. Each lesson had a focus and I certainly achieved something at the end of each and every one of the sessions. Lum provided follow up revision notes for me to study at home. At the start of my lessons, Lum predicted that I would take the test in three months and he was correct…I passed first time with him! Lum provided me with additional help and advice post my test. This shows the extent of his caring approach and his attention to individual needs. To sum up my experience: I learnt so much more than I ever imagined, I had so much fun, and the only negative aspect in this process is that I will miss seeing my new friend. Lauren Matthews. – August 2012.

Lum is a quality teacher, really patient and easy to get on with

Four of my friends passed with hampstead driving school. Lum is a quality teacher, really patient and easy to get on with. He is a quality bloke” I am absolutely delighted with the instruction I received, helpful handouts and obviously Lums’ fatherly concerns. I passed my test last month, first time! Bought a car and now I love driving despite all the fears I always had. I would recommend Lum to anyone who wants to progress with the best instruction. L Khodadoost, Surbiton – June 2012.

I learned to adapt my driving style for the UK roads

I would like to thank Lum for the very professional and thorough driving lessons I have received. As I held a driving licence issued in another country, I wanted instruction in specific areas before appearing for a UK driving test. With Lum, I learned to adapt my driving style for the UK roads as well as refined it for safety on multi-lane roads & roundabouts. He was punctual for lessons, communicated clearly and gave detailed handouts. Now that I have passed the test in the first attempt, I am planning to take further instruction (Pass Plus) from him Anna K, South Hampstead – June 2012.

The teaching style was perfect

I hadn’t had a driving lesson since failing my test 4 years ago. In just 6 lessons Lum got me back behind the wheel and I passed with no stress! The teaching style was a perfect combination of repeating the basics and trying more challenging situations – so now I feel confident to drive anywhere. Tomo, Kentish Town– June 2012.

First time right

Lum is a fantastic driving instructor, his kind manner, patient approach and professional instructions did the trick. When taking driving lessons, I think the most important aspect is to gain a sense of security and this can only be achieved if your driving instructor knows what he is doing, and clearly Lum does. I passed first time, with 5 minors! Idan, Belsize Park– May 2012.

I passed first time having had Lum for 7 weeks.

I found him a very patient instructor who thoroughly prepared me for the test. He used a mixture of handouts and iPad applications so that I was fully aware of road safety and each manoeuvre I undertook. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to pass their test. Polly Chesterfield, Hampstead– May 2012.

I really enjoyed my lessons.

Lum is a great instructor. I really enjoyed my lessons and made quick and steady progress. Lum was very patient and was great at talking me through each lesson. I passed first time, with only minor – so happy. Rebecca S, Hampstead– May 2012.

I would definitely recommend Lum Mjeku of Hampstead Driving school to anyone.

A quick thank you message to Lum for helping me pass my driving test from first attempt. Having been driving in another country before, I had different requirements as a student and was well impressed with Lum?s punctuality, professionalism and his individual approach with tactics and strategies that suit me best. We spent time working on my weak points and didn?t waste time on the things that I knew already. I would definitely recommend Lum Mjeku of Hampstead Driving school to anyone, who wants to achieve great results quickly.Igor, West Hampstead– April 2012.

Lum is an excellent instructor.

I recommend him to anyone who wants to take driving lessons. I enjoy taking lessons with him. His style is friendly yet professional. He is patient and gives honest and non-critical feedback. He summarizes the progress at the end of each lesson; at the following lesson we build on the skills already acquired and work on the ones that need improving. He helps me work out where my problems are and through focused practice he helps me master the skills that I found difficult at first. Not only has he helped me pass the driving test, more importantly he has taught me to become a safe, competent and confident driver.Dr Ming, Belsize Park– April 2012.

Great experience, I passed my driving licence in a smooth fashion.

Good teaching, good tools, iPad and handouts, good availability and flexibility and loving the proximity from my place. Lum is a fair instructor and is always objective and good company. I didn’t want to look for another driving instructor! Jon Agostini , Hampstead– April 2012.

With Hampstead Driving School I passed first time

I struggled with 4 other instructors both in Sussex and London and failed my practical test 4 times. With Hampstead Driving School I passed first time with 6 minors after 5 lessons. Lum’s strong personality, knowledge and experienced helped me to get my licence and I can’t thank him enough. I have given your number to my friend Lucy who will call you regarding lessons. Orsolya Padar, Kilburn– March 2012.

I have just passed my driving test on my first attempt

I decided to ask Mr Lum Mjeku to train me for my driving test on the recommendation of a friend. I took three months of lessons with Mr Mjeku and I have just passed my driving test on my first attempt. I would like to state that Lum was a fantastic driving instructor to work with. He never lost his temper, he gave me so many handy little tips that I found incredibly useful when I was driving. From how to handle the gear stick to how to hold the steering wheel to how to judge distance and anticipate potential hazards, everything is included when he teaches. His technique is so helpful and he explains why one must drive a certain way and why one should do something one way and not another. He would always email me comprehensive handouts at the end of every lesson. He was open to any number of questions I had no matter how ridiculous they may be. He was friendly but professional and firm and I doubt very much that if I had not had Lum as my instructor, I would have passed the driving test on the first attempt or ever! I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him very highly to any one wanting to take lessons. He really is far ahead of other instructors when compared with the stories I have heard from my friends. He goes over and beyond the call of duty when helping his students and even accompanied my friend to purchase her first car. I am so very glad that I was introduced to Lum and that I did all my lessons with him and I would recommend him without any qualms. I will be doing my pass plus course with Lum as well and will be asking him to accompany me a few times in my own car as well. Rajni Jayasekera, St. John’s Wood – Feb 2012. rajnijayasekera@me.com

I highly recommend Hampstead Driving School

Lum really is the best instructor I have ever had. I passed second time and really feel that I have the relevant skills to drive safely on the roads. Right from the very first lesson, I felt confident that Lum wanted me to be a great driver. He teaches in Borehamwood which means that you learn all the possible situations which you will find in real life; for example mini roundabouts, dual carriageways etc. This means that you become a better driver overall. Every lesson Lum recaps on what you need to focus on for the next time. He uses handouts and iPad apps which are brilliant and really help to visualise all sorts of different situations. He is patient, understanding, always ready to answer any questions and has an excellent way of teaching pupils. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor. Bidisha, Hampstead – Feb 2012

HDS provides the most up-to-date lessons

The Hampstead Driving School (HDS) is simply brilliant and I strongly recommend it to all aspiring drivers who want to pass their exam in minimum number of attempts. Before HDS, I tried training with three different driving schools (big names all of them) and failed the driving test half-a-dozen times. That changed when I came to HDS. HDS provides the most up-to-date lessons that are exactly as per the latest DSA rules. The school also uses various tools and methods (hand-outs, mock-tests, high-tech simulators etc) to ensure comprehensive learning. My instructor, Lum Mjeku , is an expert in the fundamentals and essentials of driving and has a deep understanding of a learner’s psychology. All in all, this school will not only train you well to pass your test but will also help you to actually become an expert and safe driver. All the best to HDS! Surbhi Garg, High BarnetJan 2012

Lum Mjeku was a fantastic teacher

Previously I had a lesson with a different instructor but after being advised to have Lum I changed instructor and I am so glad I did. Lum is a great teacher and always explained everything very thoroughly and clear, I passed first time with one minor fault and would not have been able to do it without Lum. He is an extremely nice guy, always punctual and made sure he was available when I needed lessons. He taught me the manoeuvres early and then we practised the routes and different skills required to succeed. Lum does not only teach how to pass your test but how to drive safely and in reality as well. My only grief is that I didn’t have Lum from the word go, and paid for lessons with someone else initially. I will be telling friends and family to use the Hampstead Driving School – Lum “because it was the best!” – Theodore Howard, Hampstead.

Lum is a patient and inspiring teacher

Having tried several other instructors in the past, it was a real relief to finally find someone who gave me the skills and confidence to pass.
Saskia Smith, Dartmouth Park.

Lum is a very good instructor

His experience in the industry is easily noticeable and well worth it for your money. i did about 30-40 hours with my previous instructor and failed my practical TWICE !!
i did around 6 hours with Lum and passed with very few minors. Friendly , patient and a great teacher i just wish i came earlier to him. – Ditmir Hasani

PASSED on first attempt

Worth every second travelling from south-west to North London (long journey must admit!), great instructor who makes you feel so confident. Enjoyable and relaxed lessons but very insightful and thorough, Thanks a lot Lum.

P.S. + Fantastic handouts & exceptional teaching methods – Hiva Forouzin